Vegan Seitan and Mushroom Ragù Bolognese

This article was a recipe for a Vegan Seitan and Mushroom Ragu Bolognese dish. The recipe can be found on the website “Serious Eats”. In the dish are many vegetables as well as herbs and oils. This dish takes around an hour to cook and about a half an hour to prepare therefore yielding a total time of one hour and a half. Below the article are links to purchase the items that were used to create the instructed dish.

Key Takeaways:

  • Flavorful vegan lasagne recipes are difficult to make without some cooking knowledge.
  • The texture is just as important in a recipe as is taste.
  • Lots of spices are added to help with flavor (flavor smokescreen).

“Crumbling both the mushrooms and the seitan gives the impression of a ground beef texture.”

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