Vegan Lasagna alla Bolognese

Cooking and coming up with vegan recipes is a challenge. Making Vegan Lasagna Bolognese seems more complicated because it’s a dish consisting of dairy products and lots of meat. However, the author of the article was able to create a good recipe. First off you want to use a box of dry lasagna, consisting of just wheat and water. The author cooked the flour in coconut oil instead of with butter to make the bechamel. Instead of using milk, the author opted for almond milk. When making the ragu portion of the recipe, a meat substitute was used.

Key Takeaways:

  • This lasagna does not do not taste exactly like traditional lasagna but it comes close.
  • One of the most important parts of this dish is making a good béchamel sauce.
  • Seitan and mushrooms were used to mimic the meat in the lasagna.

“Vegan lasagna Bolognese is a true challenge, given that two of the three main components are off limits”

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