The Best Thanksgiving Grocery Shopping Tips, According to Checkout Clerks — Shopping

Thanksgiving can be a crazy time of year – especially in regards to shopping(well, Thanksgiving is all about food). Kitchn offers five tips to help shopping go easier. First, don’t wait til the last minute to start getting your items together! Second, pick times when most people don’t like to shop, like when it’s raining or early morning. Third, Buy more than you think you’ll need. Fourth, Pre-order your menu and just pick it up from the store. And, finally, avoid the mad rush when you can – shop at the pharmacy or gas station if you only need a few generic items.

Key Takeaways:

  • Going to the grocery store before Thanksgiving is in most cases an unavoidable task.
  • You can take some steps to make sure you have all you need and avoid the lines before Thanksgiving.
  • Taking steps to shopping early, buying extra ingredients, and skipping the supermarket for certain items can help you get what you need with minimal stress.

“To avoid long lines, the best time to schedule your grocery pick-up is late morning — duck out from work if you can, or take Tuesday or Wednesday morning off to tackle some Thanksgiving prep.”

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