The Best Sweet Potato Biscuits

Looking for a bright and healthy alternative to your standard biscuits? Look no further! These sweet potato biscuits provide a light and buttery parallel to standard biscuits, with an extra vibrant color! The preparation is a breeze, with a few special steps (folding the dough to provide pull-apart layers, and cooking in a cast iron pan for the ultimate crisp bottoms) to ensure that these biscuits will become a delightful part of your baking routine.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sweet potato biscuits are something that the whole family will enjoy. Start by making a sweet potato puree as the main ingredient for the dish.
  • The puree will certainly add a little color to the biscuits when they are made. The end result will be biscuits that are tender and moist all around.
  • The recipe is perfect as an appetizer that accompanies a full meal. Thick and mellow sweet potato puree is the right start for the cook.

“Thick and mellow sweet potato purée makes these colorful biscuits tender, moist, and light.”

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