Sous Vide Duck Confit

The article is about Sous Vide Duck Confit. The duck is cooked in its own fat. It is sealed in a container for 36 hours or more and than cooked. The meat comes out tasty and tender. The author of the article tried to make it and let it sit for one year while subletting the apartment. That was the only time the author was unable to make Sous Vide Duck Confit properly. The fat from the duck is minimal but yet it still works to keep the meat tender.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sous vide allows you to cut out the fat while making delicious confit
  • Thanks to the vacuum bag, the fat rendered is enough to make the confit and keep it moist
  • The low temperature also controls the speed and ability to cook the item

“There are few preparations better suited to sous vide cooking than confit, a technique that traditionally involves gently cooking a meat in its own rendered fat.”

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