Rich and Flavorful Chicken Soup

Bone broth is one of the hottest healthy dishes you can make and it is incredibly easy. This recipe starts with a fresh chicken instead of using parts of an already roasted chicken. This allows you the opportunity to poach the breasts without drying them out by roasting. The important part is to watch the temperature. It needs to finish around 150 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure the chicken is cooked and has enough time to impart all that flavor to the broth.

Key Takeaways:

  • This recipe explains to the reader how to make a simple traditional chicken soup.
  • The first key to this recipe is to cold-poach the chicken, then remove it until the end. This preserves the texture.
  • A second key is the use of stock, which creates a deep flavor.

“Chicken soup is exactly what you need whether to soothe a cold or just to warm your bones.”

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