Pasta al Limone

Many classic Italian dishes contain a few ingredients, but when cooked properly they are perfect. This dish is no different. Much like its Roman counterpart, cacio e Pepe, it is made with a few ingredients, namely pasta, pasta water, lemon, and parmesan. The water is used to help melt the parmesan and make a bit of a sauce without gumming it up. When then tossed with the pasta, it is light and cheesy but has that nice bit of lemon at the end.

Key Takeaways:

  • Lemon zest perks up this classic dish and so does juice.
  • You will melt butter on medium heat in a large skillet until it starts foaming.
  • You are going to need five tablespoons of unsalted butter for this recipe.

“The secret lies in emulsifying the sauce to a satiny consistency using the starchy pasta water, not cream.”

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