Nutella and Brown Butter Rugelach With Peanuts and Vanilla Glaze

Rugelach is a simple dessert that is commonly found in delis across the country, right next to the hamentaschen and black and white cookies. This dish uses cream cheese instead of butter to bind the ingredients and gives it a bit of a tangy taste. The rugelach is rolled out into triangles or strips and sprinkled with ingredients, this recipe using Nutella, brown butter with peanuts. It is all rolled together in simple roll-ups and baked until golden brown, and then of course eaten and enjoyed.

Key Takeaways:

  • Cream cheese in the dough makes it tangy and easier to work with
  • Fresh breadcrumbs keep the filling from getting too runny
  • Stacking the baking sheets keeps the bottoms of the cookies from getting too brown

“All the flavors of the classic Tin Roof Sundae (or a Drumstick from the ice cream truck, if you prefer).”

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