I Roasted a Turkey for the Very First Time and This Is What I Learned — Thanksgiving Tips

Roasting a whole turkey to perfection doesn’t need to be daunting. People stress about it because it’s usually the center of their Thanksgiving meal. There are many helpful tips out there which can make it easy, though. It will come out fine if you pay attention. You need only prepare the sides and get ready to have a great meal with your loved ones. These tips will help you to enjoy your holiday much more.

Key Takeaways:

    • Even though he wants to help in the kitchen, his mother won’t accept the help – so he roasted a turkey to get the experience.
    • Having a plan and friends to help is the best way to work the turkey – but make sure to order it early.
  • Brine your turkey and use butter, lemons, and garlic instead of stuffing the bird.

“Was it presentable? Sure. Was it pretty? Nope. Did my guests care? Not one bit.”

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