How To: Holiday Appetizer Platter

Making a holiday appetizer platter is easy and tasty. It is a nice addition to any party or potluck. Begin with a nice platter and neatly fill with delicious ingredients such as cheeses (goat or manchego), spreads like hummus or jam, whole wheat crackers, meats such as salami or pepperoni, fruits or olives (pears or pickles), and garnish with rosemary. Placing all on a beautiful platter will be a nice addition to any holiday party.

Key Takeaways:

  • The author attempted to use a meal delivery service for appetizers for a holiday party.
  • The meal delivery service sold out of the desired appetizer that was ordered. They provided a sub-par solution to the author.
  • The author decided it was better to make their own appetizers for future parties and provided suggestions which they shared.

“you can make your very own holiday appetizer platter for your dinner guests”

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