Healthy Egg Casserole Recipe

Many people use weight watchers as a dietary guide, and just as many find the restrictions frustrating. Thanks to the new freestyle program, many foods have become more accessible. Eggs are now a zero point food, and many are taking advantage of this. Eggs can be used in multiple dishes, such as egg casseroles. For an easy and crowd-pleasing breakfast recipe, simply chop and add your favorite vegetables to a casserole dish and whip in eight eggs, pop in the oven, and you have healthy weight watchers approved breakfast!

Key Takeaways:

  • With only a 25 minute cook time this dish is very quick to prepare
  • This dish is full of healthy all natural ingredients that are part of a healthy lifestyle
  • The ingredients needed for this dish are present in most, if not all households

“This healthy egg casserole recipe is really easy to adapt to the ingredients and flavors you want for breakfast.”

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