Guacamole Bruschetta and Giveaway

Guacamole is that perfect game time or anytime dish, that should be in your regular rotation. This recipe gives it a new spin, by placing it already on some chips, or in this case, toast points to make their own spin on bruschetta. This will be a roughly chopped guacamole, giving you plenty of texture on the toast points and brightened up by plenty of lime juice and even some Tabasco sauce to give it some extra spice.

Key Takeaways:

  • Everyone loves guacamole! But how about trying out a new twist on the old game-day staple?
  • Here, we integrate guacamole into another classic standby, Italian bruschetta.
  • The tender chunks of avocado are mixed with juicy tomato and spicy flavorings, then perched atop chewy rounds of French bread.

“The guacamole wouldn’t be complete without a few dashes of TABASCO® Sauce for extraordinary flavor”

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