Grasshopper Ice Cream Pie

Grasshopper ice cream pie is a delicious take on an old standard. It takes its name from the drink and much like the drink contains either creme de minthe (to give it that nice green hint) or another mint flavored liquor. This time they use Fernet Branca to add that flavor to this recipe. A simple sandwich cookie crust is used and filled with a creme made with that liquor. Go crazy and use literal grasshopper cookies to make it that much more.

Key Takeaways:

  • Grasshopper pie is an old school dessert from the 1950’s, but it’s still delicious.
  • The base of whole eggs and sugar provides a lot of richness and flavor.
  • Crushed cocoa nibs and melted chocolate add extra crunch, texture, and flavor to the dessert.

“The addition of Fernet Branca enhances the minty flavor while tempering the pie’s sweetness.”

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