Fresh Chili Harissa

The recipe here is for a North African chili paste that is called Chili Harissa. It is known for its smoky and spicy taste and has a combination of coriander and caraway and is known for being relatively easy to make. Other than the coriander and the carraway, some of the other ingredients that are needed for this recipe are red bell peppers, serrano chilies, poblano pepper, and Fresno chili peppers. It is recommended to let the paste to sit for at least day in the fridge and has a shelf life of about a week.

Key Takeaways:

  • It is a Blend of fresh chilies, seasoned with coriander and caraway.
  • Charring the chilies helps to peel them and adds a smoky flavor.
  • Can be easily jazzed up with shallots or preserved lemon.

“The harissa is best the next day and keeps in the refrigerator for a week.”

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