Fresh and Creamy Lime Pie

Making your own pie can be a satisfying experience. This pie combines the tartness of limes and combines them with sweet cream to make a delicious pudding-like base for this meringue. The key to making the base is stirring. It’s not a site bought pudding but a homemade one that will slowly turn opaque as you simmer it on the stove. They suggest a whole wheat crust and give the recipe to boot on a different page

Key Takeaways:

  • Combining citrus and dairy will make a positive impact on the deliciousness of the Lime Pie
  • A very simple recipe that will make your mouth water as it grasps itself against the mellow creamy tart taste of the pie.
  • The oven toasted meringue ensures that the puffiness of the pie remains intact and delicious.

“This pie relies on the killer combo of citrus and dairy (think Creamsicle) for a mellow, sweet, and sour dessert.”

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