French Buttercream Frosting

Taste a silky smooth frosting that cake lovers are sure to enjoy. The French Buttercream will complement almost any cake now available. Try whipping up the French Buttercream frosting in advance of cooking projects. People also note that it makes cake decorating a breeze for those interested. French Buttercream is a crowd-pleasing item and will get guests captivated too. Cooks will want to keep the recipe on hand. They never know when it could be used.

Key Takeaways:

  • French buttercream frosting has a more rich flavor than Italian or Swiss buttercream
  • The water bath method is less messy and risky than the traditional method of making French buttercream
  • Using the correct temperatures is key to making a good French buttercream frosting

“This silky-smooth frosting has a mellow sweetness and rich custard flavor that complements coconut cake as readily as it does chocolate.”

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