Easy Sesame Garlic Flatbread Recipe

If you are looking for an easy to make, delicious make at home flatbread recipe, here it is. This bread is fluffy and tasty, incorporating garlic and sesame seeds as well as surprising ingredients like honey. You can let it set for an hour or for 24 hours in your refrigerator. You can use a skillet or bake, whatever your preference. You can also add your own fresh herbs and ingredients for your own personalized recipe.

Key Takeaways:

  • The recipe uses a simple focaccia bread as the base for the flatbread
  • That dough is simple with only a few ingredients: flour, water, honey or sugar, salt & yeast.
  • While it is infused with garlic oil, the author suggests adding other flavors like chili

“These flatbreads are simple to make, can be adapted based on what flavors you love and are mostly hands-off.”

Read more: http://www.inspiredtaste.net/35686/easy-flatbread-recipe/

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