Disney World Is Now Offering Cookies and Cream Churros That Taste Like Oreos!

Have you ever had a dream that a Churro and an Oreo got married and had babies? Wake up, your dream has come true! Disney World now has Cookies and Cream Churros. This chocolate creme filled Churro also comes with its own chocolate dipping sauce. If you can’t make your way to Disney World, don’t worry, you can make these little Churro Oreo babies at home. Dreams can come true with the Oreo Churro recipe.

Key Takeaways:

  • New Cookies & Creme churros are now available in Disney World.
  • Cookies & Creme churros are on the menu at Tortuga Tavern in the Magic Kingdom.
  • We have a recipe for Oreo churros you can make at home.

“A warm and chewy churro that tastes exactly like an Oreo is basically our dream dessert — and eating it at Disney World makes it even better!”

Read more: https://www.popsugar.com/food/Where-Find-Cookies-Cream-Churros-Disney-World-44217806

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