Cranberry Pound Cake and 19 Other Cake Recipes

Cranberry pound cake is a sumptuous dish that guests will want to try for themselves. Follow a simple recipe that is actually low in calories too. That same recipe can be replicated whenever possible for guests. Cranberry pound cake will pair well with a range of other recipes too. Try serving the cake around the holidays for important guests. People will enjoy the taste and want to see the recipe being served around the holidays.

Key Takeaways:

  • Pound cake gets its name because it was usually made with a pound of butter.
  • The flavors of orange juice and orange zest pair nicely with cranberry.
  • A half pound of butter and eight ounces of cream cheese can substitute for the full pound of butter.

“Cake is a classic dessert with so many possibilities! You can add any flavor that you may want.”

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