Cranberry in a Can (Batched Rye-Cranberry Shrub Cocktail)

Cranberry sauce, or cranberry sauce, is one of those perennial things on the dinner table at holidays, but this recipe takes a playful look at how to make something with cranberries and make a delicious festive drink for any season. It requires something known as a shrub, which is a sweet cooked mixture of the cranberry juice, vinegar, and sugar. This is then added to the rye whiskey, shaken with crushed ice and served cold, bringing one a delicious festive, and a slightly different cocktail for the holidays, and a welcome distraction from the cranberry.

Key Takeaways:

  • It’s great for entertaining because you can make it in advance and then add alcohol
  • You must use crushed ice so the drink has the right flavor and temperature
  • The spiced Cinnamon flavor makes it a great drink for the winter

“It’s perfect for wintertime entertaining because you can make the easy cinnamon-spiced cranberry mixer far ahead of the last-minute chaos, add booze, and offer the drink in a pitcher for guests to serve themselves.”

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