Cranachan (Scottish Whipped Cream With Whisky, Raspberries, and Toasted Oats)

The article describes a Cranachan which is spiked whipped cream (whiskey infused whipped cream) with layers of toasted oats and raspberries the article, however, describes a description of the food and gives the ingredients followed by a description on why it works to eat and why whiskey works with whipped cream it also gives you a step by step instruction manual so you can make one yourself and piece it together with your own hands

Key Takeaways:

  • This parfait like dessert is a bit different with thanks to mascarpone
  • The oats are soaked in the cream to soften them and also adds flavor before toasting
  • Use a food processor to whip the cream. It will add less air and make it denser, more like a mousse

“Cranachan is the classic Scottish dessert of Scotch-spiked whipped cream layered with raspberries and toasted oats and sweetened with honey.”

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