Chocolate Swiss Buttercream

Chocolate Swiss Buttercream is a very delicious treat that many people can enjoy. This cream has just a little caramel from toasted sugar. This frosting is not very complex at all and is not too see sweet either. To start with, you will need to fill a pot with one and a half inches of water. You will also need to put some crumpled tin foil on the bottom of the pot to act as a sort of booster seat.

Key Takeaways:

  • Chocolate Swiss buttercream is a very rich frosting and it is not too sweet.
  • This dessert needs to be cooked over a water bath to give it the best taste.
  • You will need to fill a pot with water and put tin foil in it, to cook it.

“Dark chocolate stands up to dilution in sugar and butter, whether the goal is a milk- or a dark-chocolate profile.”

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