Chicken and Wild Mushroom Skillet

Even if your family doesn’t love mushrooms as much as you do, sometimes you just have to make a mushroom dish to satisfy your cravings. The following recipe makes use of wild mushrooms to make a fabulous sauce that even people who don’t like mushrooms can still enjoy eating. This meal pairs very well with polenta and can be made into a complete dinner with the addition of an organic green salad. This recipe is egg free and gluten free.

Key Takeaways:

  • Chicken and wild mushroom seem to combine together well for a delectable dish. The dinner recipe can be completed in a short amount of time at home.
  • Some people get a craving for these ingredients and want to give them a try. Cooks will prepare the ingredients for the dinner in the evening.
  • Try to wash mushrooms and keep them in the fridge for a while. That gets them prepared for a nice little dinnertime dish.

“Just to be nice I usually avoid dinner recipes with mushrooms, but every now and then I just get a craving and decide to make something with them anyway … thinking they can just pick them out if it’s really that much of a problem.”

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