Bengali Rice Porridge With Lentils and Chicken

Here’s an interesting, unique international dish to spice up a common dinner with the family. Try out this Bengali rice porridge. Hailing from the Indian Subcontinent, this recipe will give you a big hit of healthy flavor from turmeric, ginger, and Thai chilies backed up by satisfying protein of lentils and chicken, all stewed together until the flavors meld and the ingredients become tender. Try this one out and add it to your regular recipe rotation instead of the same boring soups.

Key Takeaways:

  • Many countries have a rice porridge, and Bengali rice pudding is an Indian take on this classic idea
  • The rice should be slightly broken up to help incorporate and make it smoother in the finished product.
  • Add the potato and chicken in later so they aren’t overcooked and stay slightly less incorporated into the soup.

“This version, made with aromatic jasmine rice and hearty red lentils, is bright with plenty of turmeric and ginger, with a pungent hit of mustard oil and a garnish of spicy green-chili chutney.”

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