Homemade Japanese Curry Rice (Kare Raisu)

Curry comes in multiple forms, not just from Thailand and India. This curry is Japanese and a bit sweeter than its cousins. The author suggests that you use your own spice blend instead of a store bought one to control the taste and give it a richer flavor, even toasting them a bit to bring out those aromatics. This will build even more when fried in oil before adding to the stew, a delicious combo of chicken, onion, carrots, potatoes and garnished with sweet apples to give it texture and more sweetness.

Key Takeaways:

  • Japanese curry is a very popular comfort food in Japan.
  • You need a spice grinder and a dutch oven to make this recipe.
  • You need a good amount of ingredients in order to make the curry.

“This recipe captures a classic Japanese curry, complete with juicy pieces of chicken, tender nubbins of carrot, sweet peas, and silky chunks of potato, but it’s seasoned with a homemade spice blend that’s way better than what comes out of a tin.”

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Rich and Flavorful Chicken Soup

Bone broth is one of the hottest healthy dishes you can make and it is incredibly easy. This recipe starts with a fresh chicken instead of using parts of an already roasted chicken. This allows you the opportunity to poach the breasts without drying them out by roasting. The important part is to watch the temperature. It needs to finish around 150 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure the chicken is cooked and has enough time to impart all that flavor to the broth.

Key Takeaways:

  • This recipe explains to the reader how to make a simple traditional chicken soup.
  • The first key to this recipe is to cold-poach the chicken, then remove it until the end. This preserves the texture.
  • A second key is the use of stock, which creates a deep flavor.

“Chicken soup is exactly what you need whether to soothe a cold or just to warm your bones.”

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Fresh and Creamy Lime Pie

Making your own pie can be a satisfying experience. This pie combines the tartness of limes and combines them with sweet cream to make a delicious pudding-like base for this meringue. The key to making the base is stirring. It’s not a site bought pudding but a homemade one that will slowly turn opaque as you simmer it on the stove. They suggest a whole wheat crust and give the recipe to boot on a different page

Key Takeaways:

  • Combining citrus and dairy will make a positive impact on the deliciousness of the Lime Pie
  • A very simple recipe that will make your mouth water as it grasps itself against the mellow creamy tart taste of the pie.
  • The oven toasted meringue ensures that the puffiness of the pie remains intact and delicious.

“This pie relies on the killer combo of citrus and dairy (think Creamsicle) for a mellow, sweet, and sour dessert.”

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Hot Italian Sub Sandwiches

Nothing hits the spot in the cold winter months like a delicious hot sandwich packed with delicious melted cheese. This Italian sub sandwich takes minutes to assemble and with a quick ten minutes in the oven, it’s ready to eat hot and fresh. It’s full of meats and cheese but the giardiniera mix, found in the pickle aisle, really brings out the flavors in this sandwich. This recipe makes six sandwiches that are perfect for dinner or a party.

Key Takeaways:

  • Hot soup and a hot sandwich make you feel warm inside after being out in the cold.
  • Hot sandwiches are especially great during the cold winter weather.
  • This sub sandwich has lots of melted cheese and meat for a great flavor.

“If you have never had giardiniera mix before, it is pickled vegetables that usually include carrots, cauliflower, celery and some kind of pepper”

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Skillet Chicken Cordon Bleu

Making chicken cordon bleu is normally a time-intensive process. Breading, stuffing, baking. All of that takes the time that could be used elsewhere in the kitchen, house, family or even work. This shortcut takes a lot of the fun out of cutting into the creamy, cheesy pocket, but still gives you all the taste. The secret is to layer the ham and cheese on the chicken, like an open-faced grilled cheese. The chicken is cooked in a skillet, the ham and cheese are added, and then it is served that way.

Key Takeaways:

  • Chicken Cordon Bleu is a timeless dish that people will enjoy eating. Breaded chicken breast is cooked in a skillet to the perfect texture.
  • Remember to top the chicken breast with ham and cheese as well. That will complete the recipe and get it tasting good for guests.
  • Be sure to heat the skillet and cook using the right technique too. That will heat the meat and prevent cool spots from spoiling the dish.

“Chicken breast is breaded and cooked in a skillet and then topped with ham and cheese.”

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The Ultimate Chicken Noodle Soup

Chicken noodle soup can be made into a fun enjoyable adventure rather than the traditional drab soup of old times. All it takes is some extra time and effort to change the soup to a luxurious enticement of the senses. Even the simple base of the broth can be livened up with simple ingredients like onions. However, the ultimate ingredient of chicken being dressed in lemon and dill for an infusion of flavor will be the ultimate delectable prize.

Key Takeaways:

  • Check out this unique, unconventional, and creative twist on an American classic favorite.
  • It’s not a 3-minute microwave meal. Invest time to gather the hip list of ingredients for preparation. Follow the recipe carefully.
  • Have patience and wait to savor the beautiful meal you’ve been fastidious at preparing. Enjoy the feast.

“Transform your chicken noodle soup from beige and boring to golden and striking with a few extra steps, some precision cooking, and a long-simmered broth.”

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BraveTart: One-Bowl, Overnight Cinnamon Rolls

Everybody at one point or another has woken up to the sweet smell of cinnamon rolls baking in the morning. This Bravetart recipe lets you begin the process the night before by including an icing recipe that requires it to sit at room temperature over for 24 hours or so. The cream cheese used in the frosting and the yogurt in the batter make these cinnamon rolls seem like they will be super moist and unlike any cinnamon roll, you have previously experienced.

Key Takeaways:

  • Making cinnamon rolls at home sounds fun to many cooks. But remember to follow the recipe closely and complete some vital steps.
  • Let the dough rise overnight in a one bowl dish. That will give flavor and texture to the cinnamon rolls being made.
  • Cinnamon rolls are the perfect dish to serve at a lazy morning breakfast. Guests will appreciate the sweet and savory taste of these cinnamon rolls.

“Cinnamon rolls are the harbinger of a lazy morning, filling the kitchen with an aroma of butter, cinnamon, and freshly baked bread that announces it’s time to sit down.”

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Cranberry Trifle

Trifles are a traditional layered dessert made with alternating layers of fruit, cream, and cake. This one takes that normal recipe but adds cranberry to give it a bit of tang and a new take on the traditional berry versions you would often see. The cranberries are cooked into a jam and have sugar, orange peel, cinnamon and elderflower liqueur added to create a sweet yet complex flavored jam. Instead of cream, they are using whipped mascarpone, a cream cheese like Italian dish, often used in tiramisu.

Key Takeaways:

  • Angel food cake is known for being both tasty and healthy too. Add some tart cranberry jam for an unforgettable dish like no other.
  • The cranberry trifle is perfect for a dessert made around the holidays. Contrasting flavors and textures make the dish a special item to be tried.
  • Creamy whipped mascarpone is a fine finishing touch to add as well. It allows for a little cake decoration and a sweet touch at the end.

“With layers of fluffy angel food cake, bittersweet amaro, tart cranberry jam, and creamy whipped mascarpone, this holiday trifle is a celebration of contrasting flavors and textures.”

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Roasted Strawberries

Roasting strawberries is probably not something you think about. It is a quick thing to do with underripe fruit or those late winter strawberries that you get from the hothouse that may not be the best. Roasting, like it does for vegetables, helps caramelize the sugars in the fruit. It will make the strawberries sweeter and add some complex flavors to any dish. This recipe uses more than just the fruit to roast them, adding in vanilla, lemon, and sugar to help the caramelization and add extra flavor to a finished dish.

Key Takeaways:

  • Roasting caramelizes fruits and vegetables, bringing out natural sugars and intensifying flavor
  • You can roast things alone or as a quick dish to help perk up the flavor
  • Using sugar and lemon helps to give it extra bite and more sugar to caramelize

“Roasting intensifies the strawberry flavor and tenderizes firm, under-ripe fruit.”

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Lemony Chicken Vegetable Soup Recipe

Soup is really the perfect meal for these cold winter nights. This soup is made with few ingredients and only packs in 250 calories, making it not only nutritious but calorie conscious too as we watch our weight in the new year. Using only onion, carrots, fennel, zucchini and kale as well as a small amount of pasta and lemon, it is slowly simmered for about 30 minutes. Chicken is added in toward the end if wanted and maybe some cheese for flavor.

Key Takeaways:

  • This soup contains a scant number of ingredients, boasting many winter veggies perfect for this season
  • Chicken is added toward the end to add a boost of flavor and needed protein
  • If made following the recipe, it boasts only 250 calories making it hearty and healthy.

“Lately, when we are out of ideas for what to cook for dinner, this soup (or a variation of it) is where we turn.”

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